First Hand About Homelessness

The public program “First Hand About Homelessness” of Menhely Alapítvány is developed since its start in 2010.

We believe that people are getting richer in soul and can see the complexity of the world much better with the recognition of other’s living conditions and situations – in addition to the decreasing prejudices.

The situation of homelessness is the collection of problems – we undertake to the mapping in the frame of this programs.

In the program works a special group of people: social workers, people with experience of homelessness and volunteers.

We are supported by the EEA/Norway Grants, the Hajléktalanokért Közalapítvány/Public Foundation for the Homeless, individual and corporate donors and volunteers.
We are very thankful for their support!

The details, registration and contact forms of each program are available here:

Step Into My Living Room! – City tour through the eyes of the homeless >

Irregular Class Discussion >

Community Lunch >

Living Library >

If you want to take part in or reserve any of the programs you also can write an email (we are available in English or German):
ekh [at] menhely [dot] hu!

About the works of Menhely Alapítvány you can read here: