Step Into My Living Room! – City tour through the eyes of the homeless

What are homeless people do during their days? Do you want the answer for this question for a long time? Come and walk with us, and get to know the facts about living without a home!

The aim of our City Tours is to show creatively that side of Budapest which everybody sees every day although not recognizing it.
We can see it, but we do not mention that we are in the “home” of the homeless, where the sidewalk is the ground, the objects of public spaces are their furniture, the sky above is the ceiling – and, where there is no heating, not any real bathroom, and where the surviving is the every day challange.

Authentic tour guides help to get a look into this world – our aim is also to make the “turists” think and to give the opportunity to have a conversation about the topic. There are two tour-guides: the person affected by homelessness about his life story and the social worker about the experiences.

The Homeless City Tours are in the downtown area, mostly ending in an institution of Menhely Alapítvány / Shelter Foundation.

The Tours are recommended above 16 years of age.
The Tours last approximately 2,5 hours.
The authoring and organizing entity of the Tours is Menhely Alapítvány / Shelter Foundation, Budapest. (

Tours for individuals in Hungarian are promoted on the website of BUPAP:

Tours for Hungarian and international groups are organized by Menhely Alapítvány / Shelter Foundation, Budapest.
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We are also available on the E-mail: varosiseta [at] menhely [dot] hu.


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